Utica Vigil held to support Sandy Hook Elementary victims


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The rain and chilly temperatures didn't stop a dozen or so people from coming out to a vigil in Utica Tuesday night to show their support for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Holding candles and signs they gathered at Liberty Corner downtown.

"I couldn't believe that anyone could do something so harmful to anybody little tall big tall whatever i just didn't think that it was fair," said Kayla McMahon who organized the vigil.

McMahon says she's still feeling the effects of the school massacre having a three year old daughter of her own. She organized the event to show that support can be given even states away.

"I mean you go out there in Connecticut and a lot of people are supporting and you see people really putting in that effort but as a human race we should stand together and show each other that we do care and are concerned and do feel," said McMahon.

After the vigil everyone was invited to write personal messages to the families affected and hang them on a Christmas tree, organizers will then send those messages to Newtown in the next few weeks.

McMahon's message to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary? "Just that all of our wishes and best are with them and we're trying to support them as best we can and our prayers are with them."

Organizers hope the vigil sends a message to the Utica community as well.

"Just hold on," said McMahon. "Just hold on to your family, hold on to your friends, everybody that you have and just really respect what we do have."

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