Utica Zoo wins Zoomobile in Toyota contest

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Utica Zoo will be getting a second Zoomobile after winning a minivan in Toyota's "Cars for Good" program.

As part of the contest, 100 nonprofits will receive Siena Minivans. On Saturday, voters were asked to log online and vote for the Utica Zoo and that paid off.

"We can take the Zoomobile now to more shut-ins, more schools, families, nursing homes and public library programs," Andria Heath of the Utica Zoo said. "So a lot more people will be able to see the zoo that can't make it to the grounds."

There are 250 finalists in the contest, and five are voted on each day. The one who receives the most votes each day wins a van. Votes for the Utica Zoo came from around the country. 

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