Utica boy's Christmas wish for a family comes true


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- From the minute he walked in the door, 2-year-old Benjamin was all smiles, ready for the big day.

"This young man when asked what he wanted for Christmas said he wanted to be adopted," said Hon. James R. Griffith, a judge at the Oneida County Family Court.

And they were determined to make that happen. First, a few formalities- signing documents, a new name and finally, a new family. A Christmas wish come true, thanks to two sisters, who took Benjamin in as a foster child when he was only six days old. Now, two years later, he has a permanent place in their family.

"The greatest gift in the world, that's how I feel. Ah finally this is ours! I think he feels the same way," said Thelma Gray, adopting Benjamin.

Gray has been a foster parent for 20 years and never intended to adopt. But, Benjamin changed her mind.

"Someone fell in love with him," Gray said glancing at her sister, who quickly takes over.  "I wanted him, I wanted him and I wanted her to keep him. So how do we do that? We adopt him," said Jo Anne Weatherington.

The reason Benjamin captured their hearts?

"Joy," said Weatherington.

Santa and Mrs. Clause topped off the day, making a surprise appearance in the court room, filling the new family with even more cheer.

After the ceremony, the family left court, holding hands, ready to start their new life together.

"He won't ever have to worry about going to another home. He's home," said Gray.

It's a story that proves Christmas miracles do come true.

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