Utica native's chicken riggies recipe featured in latest Taste of Home magazine


One of the most iconic associations with the Utica area, at least if thinking with our stomachs, is a dish of chicken riggies.

If you pick up the latest issue of Taste of Home magazine, you'll find not only that familiar dish, but a Utica native behind the recipe.

Jackie Fazio Scanlan currently lives in Ohio with her husband and daughters, but she says that the taste of chicken riggies are a nice reminder of the place she and her husband grew up. She says the key to chicken riggies is the dish's versatility, which allows the chef to create it based on the flavors, tastes and textures that appeal to them or their audience at the dinner table.

She said that while being far away from the city they grew up, they are fortunate to have a group of transplants from Central New York near them in Ohio who all share in a love of the regional culinary tastes. The group gets together frequently to enjoy dinners with a Utica flare.

Her recipe for chicken riggies is featured in the latest issue and can be found on newstands or online.

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