Utica native's film on hydrofracking premieres Saturday

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The American premiere of a film about hydrofracking that is produced by a Utica native is set for Saturday at the Uptown Theater.

Titled "Drill, Baby Drill," after a phrase coined by Sarah Palin, the movie goes back and forth between farmers in the country of Poland and people living in Pennsylvania.

Director Lech Kowalski says the film is for people both for and against natural gas drilling.

"It's a very complicated issue, obviously, so the film is only dealing with a part of it, but the film is also an aesthetic film," Kowalsi said. "It's not an information film, it's an aesthetic film. It shows the beauty and the humanity when they come together and to try and really work in a way that is sort of unusual in this day and age, where they work together to fight the corporations and it's very hard for them to do that without any money. Just using their resources, their mental resources."

The movie is showing Saturday at the Uptown Theater on Genesee Street at 4 pm.

A roundtable discussion will take place afterwards across the street at The Other Side.

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