Utica police getting ready for Boilermaker weekend

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Boilermaker is Utica's biggest event of the year and that means a lot of work for the Utica Police Department.

Officers not only have to worry about all the road closures and getting the runners safely from start to finish, but there's also the huge post-race party and keeping fans along the route safe as well.

Lt. Steve Hauck of the UPD says numerous police agencies will be involved during the race, with a major presence at the finish line and post-race party.

"We use a lot of different people," Hauck said. "We use bike officers. We use stationary people to watch."

Hauck says the UPD spends a lot of money in overtime on Sunday, but the Boilermaker makes a donation to the city, which helps cover some of the cost.

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