Utica police may have stumbled upon a meth lab


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Police had intentions of arresting a Utica man on a warrant Monday, but ended up taking him into custody and searching his house for toxic chemicals.

US Marshals, Oneida County Sheriff's, State police and the Utica police department went to the 1500 block of Elm street to pick up a warrant.

Sergeant Steve Hauck said what they encountered was unexpected, "They entered the apartment to take a guy into custody, but when taking him into custody they noticed some type of fumes and started to feel shortness of breath and chest pains."

Those pains set off their instincts, forcing them to immediately leave the apartment and call for back up and a Hazmat team from Syracuse.

The suspect along with the exposed officers went through a decontamination process. They were put into suits and walked through what looked like a large yellow tunnel.

Hauck said Hazmat will be able to determine what type of chemical was in the house, " Once the evaluation is made by Hazmat we'll have a better idea of what it is that they felt...when in there, whether its some type of criminal drug operation or some type of cleaning..we just don't know."

The house could have had fumes from cleaning supplies, but Hauck suspected it could have been a Methamphetamine lab, something he says is becoming more common nowadays.

"We just saw recently of what they refer to as a shake and bake kind of thing which can be done in a jug but I think most people think of meth labs in a rural part of environment...a garage etc. but that's changed recently and we're seeing it much more often in city environments."

Hauck said if a crime was committed, this person could face serious charges.

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