Utica police respond to two bath salts cases

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) Utica police responded to a home on Stephens Dr. in North Utica Friday night after a 20 year old man called 911, claiming he was having a heart attack from using bath salts.

Police say the male declined medical treatment when paramedics arrived, but while being questioned by police, the male, whom they are not identifying told the officer he has been snorting larger amounts of bath salts lately in order to get high.
No charges have been filed.

Also Friday night Utica police officers responded to to the 1100 block of bleecker street for the report of a woman running around nude from the waist up, dressed only in her underwear.

Police say the 22 year old was screaming that her clothes were electrocuting her and that she had metal inside of her.
Officers say the woman was foaming from the mouth and violent, and repeatedly attempted to run in front of cars, and had to be restrained until an ambulance arrived.

She was taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Center for treatment, where police say she told officers she tried to inject bath salts with a syringe, but when that failed she says she ate them instead.
Again no charges have been filed, and the woman's name is not being released.

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