Utica residents want more places for kids to cool off


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - After the recent closure of East Utica's Buckley Pool, some Utica residents are afraid there aren't enough places in Utica for kids to cool off. Many wish the city would turn on all of the sprinklers in its parks and playgrounds.

Rebecca Fernalld of Utica says she remembers a time when sprinklers used to be on throughout the city giving kids without pools or ways to get to pools a way to stay cool. She wonders why she hasn't seen them on this year.

"We want our kids to be healthy and be active," said Fernalld. "Sitting in front of an air conditioner in the living room isn't going to do that, they're going to want to play regardless of how hot it is so let them have some sort of reprieve with the water."

While the sprinkler in a park on St. Vincent Street has remained dry, a nearby resident there Wednesday said she has been to other parks around the city where the water is on.

"I actually spoke to Shaun Brown yesterday and he informed me that Quinns, Pixley and O'Hare Parks were going to be the ones with sprinklers on," said Utica Resident Tammy Paulson.

Paulson brought her son to cool off at Quinns Park on Rutger Street and even ran through herself.

“It was awesome for them yesterday because my neice or him have never experienced that before, going in a sprinkler like that,” said Paulson. “When I grew up that’s what I had, a sprinkler, so it was kinda fun.”

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