Utica woman celebrates her 108th birthday!


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Have you ever met someone who has lived for 11 decades? A Utica woman celebrated her 108th birthday on Tuesday with friends, family and neighbors at the St. Joseph Nursing Home.

Alice Paulson, is known as the "M&M Lady," because of her love for the candy. She said her reason for living so long is because of the people who she is surrounded by.

Paulson was born in 1905 and spent her entire life in Utica. According to staff at the nursing home, she worked at The Bleachery, but once she met her husband Al Paulson, who worked on the railroad, they built their home in New Hartford.

Some of her favorite past-times included working in her vegetable garden, baking and shopping with her sisters.

Timothy Boehlert, Paulson's nephew said, "This is how you learn you know. You watch your elders and as you go through life you learn from your elders and she's taught a lot of the family generosity and kindness."

The party was filled with M&M's as a surprise to Paulson. St. Josephs Nursing home wrote to Mars Candy about her love for the chocolate and they provided her with eight cases.

Paulson's niece Therese Boehlert said," She is a beautiful person and she's got plenty of nieces and nephews and a lot of them are here. I think the one reason is because we all love her so much."

Paulson is an aunt, great aunt, great great aunt and great great great aunt and plans to be around for many more years.

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