Utica woman to appear on "America's Worst Tattoos" in April

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Utica woman is set to appear TLC's hit show "America's Worst Tattoos," this upcoming season.
"Ney-Ney," as she will appear on the show, couldn't actually show NEWSChannel 2 the tattoo that landed her on the show because the episode hasn't aired yet on TV.
However, she explained that she was 17 and had her friend do it for her.
After receiving the tattoo, Ney-Ney realized that her intended ink was misspelled, and was so ugly, photographers edited it out of pictures, whenever she did free-lance modeling.
Soon, the entire nation will be able to see her teenage mistake, however the positive that comes out of her situation is that she will get a $3,000 tattoo fix, completely free for appearing on the show.
She has gotten other tattoos since her soon-to-be featured one, however, explains that its that first one that really has a hold on her.

"I will say that this tattoo, while getting covered up, I was hating life because it was extremely painful," she said. "I kept telling myself this will only hurt for a limited time, but having that other tattoo hurt for three years, that's how long I've had it." 

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