Uticans out helping others with snow shoveling tasks

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - It's winter in Central New York, and that means one thing -- snow.

For those who weren't up to shoveling their way out of the eight inches of snow, several Uticans were out lending a hand Friday.

One man in west Utica was going around his neighborhood with a snowblower helping people who needed it.

And in the same neighborhood, there were three teenagers trying to make a little extra cash on Valentine's Day.

"Just for today, so we can have a nice day with our girlfriends and buy some Valentine stuff," said Utica resident Anthony Green. "If they're not going to pay, then, hey, it's OK. We're still going to help them regardless, because who can walk in this?"

For those shoveling on their own today, remember that the snow is heavy, so take it easy.

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