Valentine's Day - worth the costs?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - American express predicts on average $239 will be spent per person on gifts, entertainment and dining out this Valentine's Day and six million people will get engaged. Locally, many restaurants were booked solid Thursday night with couples spending a little extra on each other.

"Much cheaper than divorce," said Roger Thompson of Clinton joking with his wife.

Jokes aside the day does add up.

The average price for a dozen roses if you buy local is $60, but if you ship from a national company like pro-flowers or 1-800-flowers, the price could rack up to almost $100. Added with a box of chocolates and a night out where dinner usually averages around $100 per couple, what some call a "Hallmark holiday" turns pricey.

"Why do we spend so much? Because women expect it I think," said Kathy Thompson.

Many say the special occasion is worth the price.

"It's the middle of the winter, it's been a semi long winter, kinda getting towards the end it's a nice reason to go out and celebrate and what better way to do it than with a lovely woman," said Roger.

Many restaurants add their own little touch to the day with decorations, special menus and entertainment. Aqua Vino in Utica even gave out a box of chocolates to couples as they left.

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