Variety of new Boilermaker merchandise hits the shelves at Expo

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Boilermaker weekend means the Boilermaker mall is once again open for business.

Boilermaker merchandise this year includes the standbys -- T-shirts, tanks, headbands and hats. But also, some fun new stuff, including a Boilermaker baseball hat that not only shields your face from the sun in the day, but lights your way at night.

Another item that was increased because of big demand from runners is 5K merchandise.

"It was a bigger buy this year for us," said Libby Lumire, merchandising director. "So we did these custom shirts for the 5K. There's two styles in the women, and we did one for the men and we did a little decal for the 5Kers, too."

Also unveiled is the clothing equivalent of a finisher's pin -- the 2014 Boilermaker finisher's shirt.

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