Vessel sinks in Utica Harbor


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Clean-up of the Utica Harbor suffered a major set back after a vessel used in the process sank, Saturday morning.

Officials within the State Canal Corporation said that the 1926 "Derrick Boat," which has been used to dredge the harbor, sank where it had been tied down for the winter, spilling hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel into the waters.

The vessel had reportedly contained 1,200 gallons of fuel, with nearly 800 spilling into the Harbor.

Since the sinking, officials said that most of the fuel has been recovered, and the water has been cleaned by the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Canal Corp officials also stated that they believe the remaining 400 gallons of fuel to be safely on the vessel, with the leak successfully plugged.

On Sunday, equipment was brought in in order to break up the ice around the boat, so that heavier equipment can be used to put in the water in order to surface the vessel.

With the ice buildup around the submerged boat, officials said that it could take a week or more to raise the vessel from the Harbor water.

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