Viewer captures massive storm on video


WEST WINFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - A major storm ripped through Central New York, uprooting trees, splitting branches, and even collapsing buildings around the area, Thursday.

During the storm, West Winfield resident Cheryl Lupinski was in her home and used her cell phone to take a video of the winds and rain as they passed through.

Lupinski submitted the video, describing what she believes was a tornado traveling through her yard. The National Weather Service has not confirmed the reports of tornadoes touching down in the area as of yet, but there have been multiple people, including Lupinski who believe that is what it was.

After taking the video, Lupinski hid in her bathroom to take safe shelter as the storm continued to pound branches against her home on Wall Street.

Still no word on the exact damage that was caused by the storm, or any injuries that were sustained as a result, but as soon as more information becomes available we will be sure to pass it along.

Click on the thumbnail above to view the video submitted by Lupinski of the massive storm.


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