Village of Ilion prepping for Hurricane Sandy impact

By WKTV News

ILION, N.Y. - The Village of Ilion is taking a pro-active approach to the upcoming potential impact of Hurricane Sandy.   Mayor Stephens called a meeting Monday morning to address various aspects of the Village’s emergency preparedness and response.  

All departments were present, along with Ilion High School Superintendent Tangorra and American Red Cross Emergency Operations Manager Kelly Brown.  

At this time, the Village along with others cannot be sure of the effect this event will have on our Village, but they are asking for residents' help.  

  • First: The Mayor has issued a statement requesting that all vehicles be removed from the streets immediately in the Village until further notice. 
  • Second:  The DPW has a pile of sand and bags for residents that can be filled at the former Woods Tire property located on West Main Street. 
  • Third:   Electric Supervisor Day has asked that all residents remember that if a tree or parts of tree come down in your yard, with wires involved, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE.  Crews will be responding as soon as possible.  Report any trees down to the fire department.

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