Volunteers continue to come to Oneida to help flood victims

By Gary Liberatore

(WKTV) - Believe it or not, after the devastating flooding on June 29, 2013, many homes in Oneida are still being worked on.

Brian Fellows of Oneida and the church he is a member of, the Oneida United Methodist Church, formed a group after last year's flood called the Oneida City/ Madison County Longterm Recovery Group.

Over the past year, Fellows has welcomed members of other United Methodist churches from across the country.

"Mission work is part of who we are," he said. "It's very different being on the side of receiving groups, rather than being one of the groups that goes."

A group called Legacy Camp, made of members of United Methodist churches from three areas -- Greece near Rochester, Alma, near Buffalo, and Binghamton -- is in Oneida this week.

Deb Coatsworth from the Alma United Methodist Church says she formed this traveling mission group three years ago.

"The hurricane had happened in Binghamton, so we came together," she said. "We went down there for two years, helped out with the flooding, it was pretty devastating. They're still trying to get back on their feet there."

Fellows has relatives who live in Culpeper, Va., who are also members of the United Methodist Church in Culpeper.

A group of about 20 from Culpeper made their way to Oneida this week, headed up by Fellows' father, Arthur Fellows.

"Missions allow us to serve other people and that is the greatest reward is that we can see people's faces turn to smiles, new hope that they can come out of a disaster," Arthur Fellows said. "And we find that very rewarding and what we understand our religion to be is to serve."

If you would like to help out in Oneida, you can head to

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