Voters hit the polls for primary election

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Primaries are traditionally known for low voter turnout.

But at some voting spots on Tuesday in the primary battle for the 22nd Congressional District saw steady numbers.

In the first hour polls were open, 51 people voted at Trenton Town Hall, where incumbent Richard Hanna voted. Officials said in the first few hours at St. George Church in New Hartford, where challenger Claudia Tenney voted, were slower.

Many said they never miss an election -- even a primary. 

Last year, Shelia O' Connor Ambrose was in Croatia on Election Day, but she didn't miss out.

"We did absentee ballot," she said. "But we miss coming to this location, bringing our kids, showing them and sharing that experience, because that's central to our identity as Americans."

And Pamela Collins was in the same boat. She can't even remember the last election -- primary or general -- that she's missed.

"Not in the last 30 years -- I haven't missed -- at least," she said.

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