Voters will decide on proposal to reduce legislator seats


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A proposition on the ballot Tuesday for Oneida County voters will ask residents to vote on reducing the Oneida County Board of Legislators from 29 to 23 members.

The idea was first put forth by legislators as a cost-saving measure with an overall taxpayer savings of $50,000.

If the proposal passes, each legislator would be required to represent a larger constituent base, which some members say is just too much area to represent effectively.

However, others say it's a necessary cost saving measure.

"I am concerned about the expanded areas legislators will have to cover," said Brian Mandryck, legislator. "Right now I cover three towns. It's a huge area in terms of coverage even though it is rural."

"I think it is a cop-out to say they wouldn't be able to do their job as effectively," said Majority Leader George Joseph "I think if you are engaged, we all do it. We don't do it for the money, we do it to make things improve in the county and I think they can step up."

If the proposal does pass, the next step would be a redistricting process. The new reduced legislature would take shape January 2014.

Some legislators are also worried residents will forget to vote for the proposal because the proposition is on the back of the ballot.

Keep that in mind while voting Tuesday.

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