WKTV outage on cable leads to increased demand for satellite TV

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - There has not been a busier time of year for JK Satellite in Rome, thanks to the dispute between Time Warner Cable and Smith Media, said Owner Joe Koenig.

Since WKTV's signal was first picked up by Dish Network, the small business that installs satellite dishes, has been busy. However, since the dispute that business has increased even more.

"They're all mad because they can't get WKTV," said Sheila Dibble, a JK Satellite employee.

"They want to know how you can do it. So I tell them the ways and they are basically picking Dish because of the pricing."

JK Satellite is booked with installations for the next two weeks. The business is also starting to book for next year, said Dibble.

Brian Smith of Utica is one of the people making the switch. Smith says he misses WKTV, calling it "part of the community".

"That is basically my whole information center," said Smith. "I don't have it any more, so why would I pay big cable bills and not have the channels I want to watch."

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