WKTV pulled from Time Warner lineup after contract deadline passes

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - At the stroke of midnight WKTV was pulled from Time Warner.

It's not happening all at once. Some people in areas like the valley are still getting WKTV but the majority of the viewing area, like Utica is now receiving an NBC affiliate out of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

WKTV ownership and Time Warner executives are continuing to negotiate.

Smith Media says Time Warner refuses to pay fair value for WKTV's programming which includes local news, and network news, entertainment and sports programs.

WKTV's General Manager, Vic Vetters, spoke about the situation on the Live at Five Newshour. He says there's no clear timeline on when this will get resolved, "once it does go off you just don't know," he said. "It's untold how that plays out, the reason underneath is if you have something of value, you fight for it and believe that's how we view this. We believe WKTV is something of value."

Those who get us over the air through an antenna or pay TV providers like Dish Network can still receive WKTV programming.

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