Monday, December 22, 2014

WKTV's Tim Fisher honored at annual CNY Fireman's Convention

HAMILTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Firefighters from twenty upstate counties have gathered in Hamilton this weekend for the 118th annual Central New York Fireman's Convention.

Convention attendees took part in training and educational seminars to start the day on Saturday, in addition to conducting a special memorial service, where those firefighters and ladies auxiliary members who died in the past year were remembered.

The convention also provides an opportunity for members to share ideas about how to sustain the future of the fire service.

President Charles Skinner said, "People that have passed away in this past year, and not every one of those is being replaced by a new one. So it's narrowing down all of the departments. We're trying to do a lot more with a lot less."

As a volunteer firefighter from Frankfort, NEWSChannel 2's news director Steve McMurray attended the event.

McMurray went with WKTV photojournalist Tim Fisher who was awarded the first-ever James W. Wright Fire Service Media Award. Tim was given the award because of his piece "Heartbreak on Schuyler Street, through a photographer's lens" that went viral over the internet in May.