Walkers battle the elements for those who battle Cancer at the 11th Relay for Life

By WKTV News

REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Dozens came out to Remsen Central School, Saturday, with the same goal in mind - to fight Cancer at the 11th Annual Relay for Life.
There were 10 Relay for Life teams represented at the event, who took turns walking for 18 hours straight on the Remsen Central School track.
Team members camped out, walked during the night, and had to brave the elements, too.
The event though does more than raise money though, it unifies people for a single cause.
"People seem to love it," said Isabel Gouse, a participant of the event. "we've been doing this since the beginning, Team Braz, and at 2 a.m. there are still people skipping around track and happy, dancing to music. 
"All proceeds go toward American Cancer Society and I think it's great, I am so glad I joined the team."
The event is also a representation for the struggle that those affected with Cancer have to deal with during their fight with the illness.
"It is relay style so switch on and off, most have 10-15 people on a team switching on and off during the day," said Bob Elinskas of the American Cancer Society. "They stay the night and keep on going because the theory behind relay is it's supposed to symbolize the Cancer patients' battle with Cancer."

There was also a luminary ceremony held at the track to remember the victims who lost their battle with Cancer.  

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