Warmer temperatures, lots of snow, and sunshine have people flocking to ski areas


WESTERNVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Tim Woods, the owner of the Woods Valley Ski Area in Westernville says business has been great for about a month, but Sunday's warmer temperatures and sunny skies after this week's big snowfall meant one of the busiest days of the season so far, "Today is the perfect day, mild temperatures, the sun is shining."

Woods says this season so far is definitely one of the best starts to a season he's seen in several years. 

He says early season cold temperatures meant his snow-making equipment was very beneficial allowing him to open up much earlier, "Last year we opened on Christmas Eve, the year before that we opened on the 21st of December, so we're off to a great start."

Among those on the bunny trails at Woods Valley on Sunday, was 3 year old Greta Burdell of Camden.  Her mom took her for her very first ski lesson.  It's a day her mom, Nicole Burdell, who began skiing at the very same age of 3, will never forget, "We've taken several pictures and videos already, absolutely."

Woods says it's not just ski centers, but so many Central New York businesses either flourish or not, depending on Mother Nature,  "We're farmers, we're a golf course, we're snowmobile clubs, we're all dependent on the weather and like Old Forge, the restaurants, the bed and breakfasts, the gas stations, I mean we are all dependent on the weather."

Woods hopes this great winter just keeps rolling on with more snow and below freezing temperatures.

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