Warmer weather brings threat of Lyme Disease


(WKTV) - The long-awaited warmer weather comes with a price.
"Right now we're seeing a lot of problems with ticks, and, it's only going to get worse," says local veterinarian Dr. Frank Mondi, who had clients pulling ticks off of their pets as early as February. 
A NewsChannel 2 photographer in the Barneveld area last week pulled a tick off of his chocolate lab's neck.  A producer found two on her dog in the Westernville area.  
A viewer in Marcy who hunts says that, after only five minutes in the woods this weekend, he and his son pulled about a dozen ticks off of themselves. For people and pets, vigilance and prevention are key this time of year. 
"I think the things to take home is once you're indoors every day, complete body check to see if there's any tic marks or itches or rashes," says Oneida County Director of Health Phyllis Ellis, BS, MS. 
"If you do identify a tick, you should take it out with tweezers at the head of the mouth of the tick, the body where all of the material is and remove it," says Ellis.  Some veterinarians and pet supply stores sell specialized tools for removing ticks. 
Dr. Mondi says vigilance is key for your other "children", too.
"We recommend that you buy an effective medication, anti tick, anti-flea, properly, give it every month. Actually there is a new pill out we're just starting to use," said Mondi.
Oneida County has already received two confirmed cases of Lyme disease for this year. Deer ticks transmit the disease, which can produce flu-like symptoms, including aches, fever and soreness. Antibiotics are used to treat it. 

Tick season lasts through November. 

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