Water Authority continues to work on ongoing brown water situation


MOHAWK VALLEY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Mohawk Valley Water Authority says they should have the brown water situation that has been plaguing residents for the past week under control soon.

The agency has been flushing hydrants around Oneida County to get the situation resolved. According to the Water Authority, there is no threat to the drinking water.

They say a heavy amount of complaints have been coming from South Utica and Whitesboro, but residents in other areas such as Oriskany, New York Mills, New Hartford and Marcy have all said they've had similar issues.

Jim Hadden, a resident of South Utica says it's been an inconvenience for a few days.

"We can't do our wash, I have to buy water for the food and coffee in the morning and get water for my cat," Hadden said. "I have to put water in her bowl. I mean it's not rough. It is inconvenient though, very."

A spokesman for the water authority says "We have reviewed everything and there are no bad samples, so there is no reason to boil the water. We just need to continue to get the discoloration out."

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