Water Authority working to flush out brown water throughout area

By WKTV News

MOHAWK VALLEY, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you are experiencing brown water and have been for a few days, the Mohawk Valley Water Authority says they are working on the problem, caused by a change over from open reservoirs to tanks.

A boil water advisory is NOT currently in effect, as testing has shown no bacteria in the water, just discoloring.

The MVWA says they are flushing hydrants trying to get all the "bad water" out of the system, but due to how widespread it is, it could take several more days.

"We had a very high number of discolored water throughout the system over the past week, week and a half," said MVWA Director of Distribution Mike Ryan on Monday. "We thought they were leveling out, but it flared up again over the weekend. Water is being disturbed by different flow changes."

Ryan said that flushing will clean out the system and that the Water Authority is trying to attack specific areas that they've received problem calls from.

"We've gotten many many calls from throughout the areas," Ryan said. "We are flushing areas to try and move water to end points of the system and then out."

According to Ryan, the trouble stems from an EPA mandate that says the Authority has to replace their open reservoir sources with tanks, which is causing some issues with sediments. However, Ryan said there is no contamination in the water, even though it appears brown.

"We have taken samples from throughout the event and had no positive results for bacteria, which is a good thing to let people know," he said. "It is mostly an aesthetic issue."

Ryan said he wanted to make residents aware that the Water Authority would continue flushing hydrants throughout the next several days, which he hoped would solve the issue and advised residents not to call 911 if you see an open hydrant.

"We are hoping to have it cleared up in the next several days, but it's such a large area, it's a little difficult," Ryan said.

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