Water from break near West Canada Creek should be restored soon

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The 50 homes without water because of a water main break near Poland should have it restored by Tuesday evening.

The water has been off a full week after a landslide in the West Canada Creek broke a water main. The water and sewer superintendent with the Village of Herkimer says an 800-foot line has been repaired. Crews are now in the process of putting water in and pushing the air out.

"We've walked the line checking it," said Scott Blais, water and sewer superintendent, said. "We're going to check it again to see if there's any places where water and around the soil is eroded."

The contract states that work can not exceed $160,000, but the exact cost is not known yet. The village is also working with the DEC to replace the land and make sure it does not disturb the main again..

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