BOONVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Village of Boonville was recently named the #2 snowiest place in the United States, according to a Weather Channel ranking. Boonville Mayor Michael Kramer says that despite the fact there is very little snow these days, his village is still worthy of the honor. "We'll take it," Kramer said. "We have to get on the map somehow." The Weather Channel rankings took into consideration snowfall totals over a 30 year period in places with at least 1,000 in population. Boonville averages 220 inches of snow per year, according to the rankings. Valdez, Alaska ranked number one with an average yearly snowfall of 297 inches. Kim Young, the Assistant Highway Superintendent for the village, says his first year on the job was 1978. That year, Boonville had the highest one day snowfall of 35 inches. "We can average between six inches, to one to two feet," Young said of an average winter day in the village. Many residents were shocked to hear about the ranking, including Dan Young, who recalled snow storms so bad they lasted three days. "I have seen where you can sit on top of the telephone poles, and your feet would be touching the snow banks where they plowed it up there," Young said. Mayor Kramer says the first snowfall this year came on the last day of November and he expects it to last into April. Kramer says because of a lack of industry, his village relies on the snow for revenue. Many snowmobilers and snowfest events come to Boonville during the winter months, Kramer said. "I don't think we have ever put a finger on what it generates, but without it, we know were in trouble," Kramer said.