Snow lovers delight in Wednesday's snowfall


RICHFIELD SPRINGS and UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A nor'easter left central New Yorkers digging out Wednesday, some from as much as 18 hours of on and off snowfall.

Streets in the Village of Richfield Springs were silent Wednesday afternoon, except for the distant roar of snowmobilers, glad to finally be able to dust off their sleds.

"Oh I love it," said Cindy Talbot, while taking a break from shoveling. "I'm a snowmobiler, so we've been waiting for this."

Chuck McCann, also of Richfield Springs, was shoveling for the second time by 2 p.m., but he sees a definite silver lining in all the white stuff.

"It's better than living in the south," McCann said. "At least you get all four seasons up here. It's not all 90 degree weather."

A snow day in Utica meant rest and/or play for students, but not their parents, who found themselves shoveling, snow-blowing and brushing their way out Wednesday.

"I like it. You get used to it after a while. People tend to get a little crazy when it first comes, but I like it," said Jason Withers of north Utica, whose other assessment of central New York snowfall would potentially cause a population implosion. "If you can't drive in the snow you really shouldn't live here."

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