Wednesday is last day for gun owner opt-out forms


The ever-growing number of local gun owners have been worried that the fact they own a gun could be made a matter of public record.

Wednesday was the deadline to get the opt-out forms to your local pistol licensing officer, but what if you didn't get it submitted in time?

The concerned gun owners say they don't want to draw a roadmap for thieves, telling them where find guns to steal.

Oneida County expected to get around 10,000 - 12,000 opt-out forms from its 25,000 gun owners, but they only got around 4,000 - 5,000 forms. Someone in Oneida County's Pistol Licensing Office is working solely on the opt-out forms on a computer dedicated solely to that use.

If you did not get your form in by Wednesday's deadline, Oneida County officials say not to worry as they are not going to make your information public. However, they say they can not speak for New York State.

"The forms would be a guarantee that they won't release the records," said Oneida County Assistant Pistol Licensing Officer Daniel Sullivan. "Oneida County doesn't intend to release anybody's records."

Sullivan says only if a court order should compel the county to release gun ownership records would those opt-out forms become needed at the county level. If they had to release them, it would be minus people who did fill out the form.

What if you're an applicant, in the process of getting a pistol license?

Sullivan says to bring the opt-out form with you when you come in to get your license.

You can find the opt-out forms on Oneida County's website and go to the Pistol Licensing section.

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