Werenski on trial in Rome for stabbing death of wife

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Daniel J. Smith just wanted to relax after work late Saturday afternoon. He sat at his girlfriend's kitchen table in east Rome, cracked open a beer, lit a cigarette, then looked outside and witnessed the brutal fatal stabbing of Carrie Werenski.
Werenski's husband, Christopher Werenski, is charged with her murder.  During a felony hearing in Rome City Court Wednesday, Smith says he saw the two talking outside the East Bloomfield Street apartment....that the discussion escalated and culminated with Carrie Werenski running away from her husband as he chased her, stabbing her in the back and side, then continuing the brutal attack after Carrie Werenski fell to the ground, pleading with her husband to stop. 
Witness Daniel J. Smith says Carrie Werenski managed to get up and run into a nearby apartment. He says he ran after her, finding her lying in a stairwell, covered in blood, with blood spatter all over the walls and floor. Smith called 9-1-1 and lead police to Christopher Werenski.
A Rome police detective also took the stand, reading a statement he took from Werenski, during which Werenski recounts stabbing his wife, saying he "felt out of body and strange" when he stabbed her. The detective says Werenski told him he wasn't trying to harm or incapacitate his wife that day. 
In spite of the existence of this eyewitness, neither attorney is quick to call this case a slam dunk.
"Obviously having an eyewitnesses is always good, but we'd like as many witnesses as we can have and we'll continue investigating, gathering as much evidence as possible and make sure justice is done," says prosecutor Michael Nolan.
"We both work to put the pieces together to find out exactly where this thing falls within the laws that basically our legislature put together. Not everything fits where it is originally placed," says defense attorney Adam Tyksinski. 
A Rome Police detective also took the stand, saying that, Werenski talked about stabbing his wife, saying that he told him he felt 'out of body and strange' when he stabbed her, adding that he didn't intend to harm or incapacitate her-that she was his life and he had no idea what he was going to do without her.
The detective said that Werenski had been in contact with a 22-year-old man who claimed Carrie Werenski was pursuing him romantically, and that the man claimed he was not interested in her. 

The judge found there was enough evidence to hold the case over to a grand jury for possible indictment, or, formal charge.  Werenski's attorney inquired about bail, but city court can't set bail for second degree murder so for now, Werenski was sent back to Oneida County Jail as the case progresses.  

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