West Winfield residents deal with after-effects of storm

By WKTV News

WEST WINFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - The sound of chainsaws in West Winfield was a constant, Thursday, after a powerful storm cut a path of destruction through backyards, front yards and rural roads.
Trees are down everywhere; some cracked in the middle, others ripped out from the roots, due to the heavy winds that swept through.
"Things are flying by my window, and i saw the lightning hit the tree up the road," said Barb Chafee, West Winfield resident. "I mean stuff is flying everywhere."
The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for parts of Herkimer, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties due to the swirling pattern of the storm.
There were many reports across the area of tornadoes actually touching ground as residents witnessed what they believed to be swirling clouds of debris traveling through the area.
While the National Weather Service has yet to confirm those reports, it doesn't prevent locals from being convinced of what they saw.
"You can't tell me we didn't have a tornado, I saw it," said Cheryl Lupinski. "Just look around, there's trees rooted up, this pole is bent, and it ripped stuff right out of the ground. 
I've got stuff in my yard that doesn't even belong to me, and i don't even know whose it is"
The force of the winds cause trees to be ripped from the ground, with some even landing on houses on the way down.
The Litz family live on Pleasant Street, and had a tree fall right on their roof causing major damage to the outside of their home, and leaving a sizable effect on the inside of their house as well.
"The water's dripping all over the place, like it's raining in the house," said Ethel Litz. "It's just dripping."  
"Certain closets you open up, there's tree limbs sticking in them."
Traffic lights are out, power lines taken down by fallen trees.  

The people now wait to put the pieces back together, wait for insurance adjusters, wait for power, and wait for trees to be cleared from the roadways. 

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