What's next for Ilion and Mohawk after school merger passes


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - In Ilion and Mohawk the merger was the buzz Wednesday a day after residents voted in favor of merging the two school districts. Officials were happy to now know the future of their schools but say the work has just begun.

Ilion Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra and Mohawk Interim Superintendent Gene Beirne have organized a transition plan that will divide tasks in planning the details if the new district into twelve separate committees.

"It covers everything from administration,athletics, cafeteria, clubs transportation technology file servers, we're looking for ppl to join committees and then the committees are given a charge this is what you're suppose to do and this is your timeline," said Mohawk Interim Superintendent Gene Beirne.

The superintendents feel a committee approach is the best way to divide the work and get a plan in place by mid May.

While some students NEWSChannel2 spoke with Wednesday were not thrilled with merging schools, especially Mohawk high school students who will now go to Ilion high school, other felt they're going to do just fine.

"I think students will come together and see it for the better and see it will help us in general," said Ryan Gookins of Ilion.

Mohawk Interim Superintendent Gene Beirne said he did make an announcement Wednesday morning to Mohawk sophomores and juniors saying they will be planning visitation days to Ilion high school what will next year be their new school.

The Transition Plan for the combined district can be found on both districts websites. Parents, students and staff can become involved on one of the committees by contacting either school superintendents office.

The new district's Board of Education will ultimately make all decisions regarding the new merged district. Petitions will be available February 20th at each school district office. The new board members election will be held March 27th.

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