Whether Senate or Assembly redistricting plan, many Central New Yorkers will be part of a different district


The only thing certain about congressional redistricting in New York State is that two seats will be lost, and regardless of which seats are eliminated, many central New Yorkers could be part of a different district come January 2013.

The State Senate and Assembly have released the proposed maps for congressional redistricting, but it will be an independent panel headed by a federal judge that will make the final determination on what the final districts will look like.

Senate Plan:

According to the Senate plan, Oneida County would be split between the Binghamton-based 22nd district, and the Watertown-based 23rd.

The cities of Utica and Rome would be lumped in with southern tier cities, while the northern portion of the county would be in the northern New York District.

Herkimer County would move to that northern New York district where the seat is currently held by Democrat Bill Owens.

Otsego County would be put with the Binghamton area, much like it is now along with other southern tier counties.

As for current 24th district Congressman Richard Hanna, he lives in Barneveld, which would be part of the 22nd district. With current officeholder Democrat Maurice Hinchey retiring, the seat is up for grabs.

Assembly Plan:

As for the Assembly Plan, again the current 24th District is carved up among two other districts, and what will that mean for Richard Hanna?

In this scenario, Oneida County is split between the 20th district, which includes both Binghamton and the area north of the Capital district, and the 23rd, which again is centered in Watertown.

In this plan, Utica and Rome are part of the northern New York district, while only a small portion of Oneida County, including Barneveld, Hanna's current residence, is placed with the 20th district.

All of Herkimer and Otsego Counties would also be part of the 20th district.

Hanna says he's staying focused on his day-to-day business before worrying about the next election.

"Many details need to be resolved before district lines are final, and I look forward to watching the process play out," Congressman Hanna said. "Until the end of 2012, I will continue to represent the 24th district and will ensure that my constituents' needs remain the top priority of this office every day."

A decision from the independent panel is due March 12.

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