Whitesboro Firefighters ready to deploy downstate


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The State Office of Fire Prevention and control put a call out to many local fire departments Thursday asking for help downstate. Thusday afternoon, Whitesboro Fire Cheif, Peter Sobel said the The Village of Whitesboro's mayor has already authorized the deployment, and that they are now just waiting on paperwork and the final call to go down.

If deployed, an engine, squad truck and 8 to 10 volunteers will go down with gear, hoses and pumps to Nassau County.

Whitesboro's one of the fire departments that heard the call this morning from the state office of fire prevention and control reaching out to volunteers and equipment unaffected by the storm counties away.

"I wasn't expecting it," said Zach Ambrose of Whitesboro Fire Department. "I'm guessing it's a four hour trip and in a fire truck even longer, but to go down and help people is going to be pretty rewarding."

Ambrose said he didn't hesitate to volunteer to go down, ready to help with the devastation left from Sandy just as they were helped by other departments with their flooding after tropical storm Irene.

If deployed, Whitesboro Fire Department volunteers will assist in Nassau County for 72 hours.

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