Whitesboro Firefighters tear car apart for Recruit NY demonstration

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - There was a lot of activity Saturday at local fire departments for "Recruit New York" weekend, designed to show community members exactly what volunteer fire departments are all about and to hopefully attract new members.

In Whitesboro, the weekend was paired with some demonstrations. Crews showed the crowd how they tear apart a car when there is an accident with a person trapped inside.

Fire officials, such as President Brian McQueen, say getting into a crash is scary enough, so this shows people what to expect when responders arrive. He said, "We respond to anywhere between 30 and 40 accidents a year and what we want to do is make people aware of what the training is to go through to make them feel comfortable when they get in a motor vehicle accident, what's going to happen."

McQueen says their department takes recruits at the age of 16 who take on a restricted role until 18 years of age, many who go on to paid firefighter positions in Utica or Rome.

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