Whitesboro man prepares for future flooding as flood season approaches


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) -  As flood season approaches, Whitesboro resident, David Glenn is taking precautionary measures. After enduring $20,000 worth of damage to his home in the 2013 floods, Glenn says he wants to be prepared.

Glenn is making sure his sump pump is working and connected and that he has an extra one on hand, something everyone in the community should do, he said.

"I am still recovering but I feel the State Department of Transportation has helped us tremendously and local municipalities have also helped," Glenn said. " People should pick up their stuff out of the cellar and put it somewhere else when they see flooding. We know it can be monotonous every time it rains to do this, but do it for yourself, to help protect your property."

Glenn who is essentially a watchdog for the  Sauquoit Creeksays the Village of Whitesboro has a reverse 911 emergency system. Glenn is the Sauquoit Creek Basin Inter-Municipal Commission Chairman. He says the Sauquoit creek is constantly on his mind and he is ready to act at any moment if floods arise.

"First the Town of Paris calls me, and a half hour later the Town of New Hartford calls. Then I know we have a half hour to 45 minutes," Glenn said. "We notify everyone as quick and orderly as possible."

The Red Cross also had tips for the public.

Michael Schwartz, the disaster program manager for the Red Cross said to move valuables out of flood prone areas in the home, make sure your sump pump is working and to clear your culverts in front of your house so water can flow through, down the road versus into your home.

Schwartz says the flood of 2013 is the reason he switched careers, "I had family affected by floods, that's actually the reason I joined the Red Cross," Schwartz said. "I have family in Oneida and I remember being in the flats in Oneida and looking at the flooding around and looking at families trying to cope with it and realized I was there for my family, helping through process but who is there for everyone else?"

The Mohawk Valley is currently under a flood watch.


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