Whitesboro man uses Stanley marquee for proposal


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Stanley Theater normally hosts spectacles of all different kinds, and on Wednesday, it was the sight for a very special show.

During the afternoon, a car pulled up to the Utica theater just as the words, "Lisa, will you marry me?" scrolled across the Stanley's marquee.

Jerry Reginelli, of Whitesboro, had told his girlfriend Lisa that they were headed to the doctor, but along the way, Reginelli took a detour.

This detour would prove to be a life-changer for the couple, as once they pulled up to the theater, Lisa said yes.

Following the teary proposal, the bride-to-be's family came down the street to be with her, after watching the surprise from afar.

Jerry and Lisa have been together for 3 years prior to today's events. He said that he chose the Stanley because of their frequent visits to the theater for its regular slate of shows.

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