Whitesboro residents learn about the process to dissolve, but questions on cost loom large


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Hundreds of Whitesboro residents came out Wednesday night for a public information meeting on an upcoming vote January 4th, that could dissolve the village.

If residents were looking for a firm analysis on the numbers of how much tax money they'd save or not save based on the vote to dissolve, they did not get it at this meeting. Instead, those who attended got a detailed explanation of what dissolving means for their services.

Wade Beltramo from The New York Conference of Mayors talked about what it takes to dissolve a village. He says a new law on dissolving is "putting the cart before the horse," by asking residents to vote on dissolving before a detailed survey on services and taxes is conducted.

In the event residents vote to keep the village the way it is, an additional vote on dissolving may not occur for another four years. If residents vote to dissolve, the village board will have 180 days from their next meeting to create a transition plan for the Town of Whitestown. Then, Whitestown would cary that plan out, leaving village residents in the hands of the town to provide services or eliminate them.

A handful of residents passionately spoke out in favor of the dissolution while others spoke out against it. However, some came to tonights meeting with an open mind, like Cathy Penner who has lived in Whitesboro for ten years. "I haven't made up my mind fully, I'm here to get information to understand more of both sides of the story, I don't know which way I'm going because I understand both sides of it and it is a tough decision," said Penner.

Whitesboro Mayor Brenda Gilberti says dissolving will cost around $100,000 and village debt will stay with village residents, it won't be passed on to town residents.

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