Whitesboro residents vote on dissolution referendum


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's an issue that has divided taxpayers in the village of Whitesboro: Whether to dissolve the village. The controversial referendum goes before voters today.

The movement picked up steam back in September, when supporters of consolidation turned over to the village clerk 300 signature, around 100 more than they needed, to get a referendum before voters. All the required time frames were honored and that brought things to Tuesday's vote.

New York State paved the way for this about a year ago when the state legislature passed a law making it easier for the state's citizens to dissolve layers of government in instances where they do nothing but cost taxpayers money. Those who support the move to dissolve say that is the case here. They have complained of paying taxes to the town of Whitestown and village of Whitesboro.

A big opponent of dissolving the village is Whitesboro Mayor Brenda Gilberti. She says a lot more research has to be done. She's concerned because the village would still hold all its debt, which would go back to taxpayers.

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