Wilson sentenced for stealing money from family business

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - In Oneida County Court on Friday, a widow confronted the woman who stole more than $50,000 from her family business over the past five years.

Karen Wilson used the business accounts of Nackley Insurance, where she worked for 21 years, as her personal checking account, using the account to pay personal bills, including her own car insurance.

Wilson pleaded guilty in October to forgery and grand larceny and on Friday was sentenced to probation and six months in jail.

At her sentencing, she heard from owner Michael Nackley's widow.

The family says they have lost more than money from the entire ordeal.

Michael Nackley died of a heart attack within months of this theft being discovered.

His family is convinced that that the stress of it all and concerns about how to pay the resulting debt to the IRS, contributed to his death.

In court Friday, Victoria Nackley told Karen Wilson she was disappointed in her, not only for stealing from her family, but because she let her own family - her own parents, husband, and children down.

All that said, Nackley still spoke of forgiveness.

"You must seek forgiveness from each one of us who has been harmed by your actions," she said. "We're all on our individual roads to forgiveness but a personal apology is in order. I expect it and I will wait for it."

When the judge asked Karen Wilson if there was anything she wanted to say to him, or the Nackley family, Wilson said 'no,' met by an audible gasp of disappointment by the Nackley family in the courtroom.

The judge told Wilson that if her parents hadn't made the $52,000 restitution on her behalf, he would have sent her to state prison. With the restitution made on Friday, Wilson was instead sentenced to five year probation and the first six months to be spent in the Oneida County Jail.

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