Wine & Food: New local business finds the perfect match


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) -- From foodies and friends to business partners, two locals turned their love of food into a product much more than a snack. They call it a food experience and it's hitting shelves for the first time Thursday.

"I came to the realization that foods and wines combined are better than alone so one day I thought, 'Hey there's no company out there that develops food specifically for this purpose and helps consumers figure out how to do the right pairings," said Alex Rosenblum.

So that's what they did, creating the company called Pairwell Foods. The key to these bread sticks is the wine wheel that helps you find the perfect match.

"Working with the molecular gastronomists and sommeliers, putting forth all the effort to compile the information, building the wine wheel, everything has been premeditated," said Nadeau.

"If you know you like dry whites you can use the category to find wine or if you know you like Pinot Grigio you can use the wheel to find the flavor you want," said Rosenblum.

The Pesto, Parmigiano and Sea Salt bread sticks are made in Italy, but these Central New Yorkers are bringing it back to local shelves and hoping to inspire other entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of launching a business.

"Blazing your own path, there's no clear cut path. You have to find the road. It's not paved, you have to bushwhack a bit and can't take no for an answer. There's going to be a lot of no's and you just have to find the guy who says yes," said Rosenblum.

An answer this team of two finally got and can't wait to see turn into reality.

"Peter's Cornucopia isn't a candy store, but I feel like a kid being there," said Nadeau.

Pairwell Foods bread sticks are hitting the shelves at Peter's Cornucopia Thursday.

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