Winter returns after brief sign of spring


REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Residents in Remsen braved whipping winds and snow Tuesday night, hoping to make a dent in their driveways before morning.

"I would say we probably got about 13 inches based on the snow that's on my back deck," said Doris Franchell, who was using a snowblower to clear her driveway.

In just 24 hours, residents went from a taste of spring to a whirlwind of winter all over again.

"What a contrast. It was hope of spring now we're right back to the worst of winter. Probably one of the worst days we've had of winter today," said Lynn Ballard.

The wind-driven snow reduced visibility on the roads and pummeled Olympic medalist Erin Hamlin's homecoming sign. Central New Yorkers are used to drawn out winters that overstay their welcome.

"This is Remsen and we're used to snow. People around here don't get scared from a little snow," said Tracy Neal.

But, after the coldest winter in nearly a decade, residents are ready for Old Man Winter to finally let up.

"After this horrible winter I was hoping we'd get a break and not have anything like this but Mother Nature has her own way," said Franchell.

"We're ready for some warmth, sunshine, please come," said Ballard.

Residents hope that when spring officially arrives in eight days, they'll see a turn for the better. But if not, they're likely to keep smiling.

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