With weather uncooperative, Sylvan Beach Amusement Park still found success


SYLVAN BEACH (WKTV) - Sylvan Beach Amusement Park got a late start this season, not opening up until right before fourth of July Weekend. Then, August temperatures turned out to be cooler; not quite beach weather. But officials at Sylvan Beach Amusement Park say it didn't put profits on ice. 
"You know most people think it would because of the beach, but a little bit of cooler weather is better ride weather for us. People like to ride rides when it's not quite as hot. They want to go to the beach when it's really hot; they want to come to the park when it's cooler," says Sylvan Beach Amusement Park Manager Darlene Kelly.
Carello's Carousel Arcade, a midway staple, opened late spring, like usual. 
"Business was good from the start, we had our regular customers that we've had for years, we've always had the vacationers, the campers, that come here that know the area, their families..."  said Manager Lisa Cesario.
Friday's warm temperatures and sunshine seemed to bolster business both on the beach and midway.  The return of warm weather made it feel more like the beginning of summer; not the end. But the routine adheres to the calender and not the thermometer.
"We have all these people who have been coming for years, they came in the beginning of the season we call it our last big hurrah, they come back, a lot of people come back to trade in their tickets they've been saving all season," says Cesario.
Carello's Carousel Arcade will be open weekends in September, weather permitting.  The Sylvan Beach Amusement Park is open two weekends after Labor Day Weekend. 


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