Woman says pill theft may have sparked fight on Howard Ave in Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A woman living on Howard Avenue in the City of Utica is now sporting a bite mark on her left bicep and a swollen left eye-practically swollen shut.

Rose Thomas is one of several women injured in a fight on the 1500 block of Howard Avenue around 11 am on Monday morning. She says hostility grew between herself and some women who live down the street after she claims one of them stole from her home the Percocet she takes for her Endometriosis.

Thomas claims the woman, whom she let in her apartment to do her hair, denied the theft, but asked her for some pain pills for pain she was experiencing. She says she denied the request and believes that has lead to the hostility now between them.

Thomas says she was cleaning out her car Monday afternoon when she saw the women approaching her.

"They came up with hammers, knives, I was sitting in the truck. She hit me with the hammer, so did her boyfriend," says Thomas.

Thomas says the women are threatening her children's lives, and she is eager for Utica Police to make an arrest. Police say they are still investigating the fight.

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