Woman sentenced to 16 years in prison for running over Little Falls man


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The woman responsible for running over and killing a Little Falls man was sentenced in Herkimer County Court on Wednesday.

Jennifer Riesel, 29, of Little Falls, will be substantially younger than her 74 year old victim when she is released from prison.

Judge John Brennan sentenced her to the previously agreed upon sentence of 16 years in state prison for her guilty plea last month to attempted murder.

Riesel originally claimed that victim Francis Nelson offered her $180,000 to kill him because he suffered from a terminal illness, but police found him with his arms and legs bound and there was never any evidence of any illness presented.

The 16 year sentence will begin when Riesel is done serving a 1 1/3 - 4 year sentence on an unrelated matter.

The prosecutor called Jennifer Riesel a cold blooded killer and read three victim impacts statements written by victim Francis Nelson's family who did not wish to be identified. All three expressed their sadness and said they hope that God can forgive Riesel.

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