Two women, two men arrested after restaurant fiasco

By WKTV News

SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y(WKTV) - State Police have arrested a group of four people for "theft of services" after they say the crew left the restaurant without paying their tab, but then locked their keys in the car in the parking lot.

It happened at Cinderella's Restaurant on Main Street on May 7th.

Police say Stephanie Rewkowski, 17, of Syracuse, entered the State Police Station asking for help after she locked her keys in her car.

Moments later, the same police agency was dispatched to Cinderella's after an employee said two men and two women attempted to flee the restaurant without paying their bill, but had locked their keys in their car in the parking lot.

When troopers arrived on the scene, they found Rewkowski standing by her car along with Joseph Zippi, 18, Samuel Meket, 20, and Sierra Washington, 17, all of Syracuse.

All four gave conflicting stories about why they left without paying their bill.

They were all arrested for theft of services and will appear in court in June.

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