World-class chainsaw carvers help kick off 67th Woodsmen's Field Days


BOONVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) -- There's a buzz in the air in Boonville this weekend as world-class chainsaw carvers power up their skills, transforming wood into eagles, owls, deer and more in just ten hours. Then come the judges.

"I look for originality, I look for detail and I look for the theme to be in place. It should come from the forest and be something that tugs at your heart strings," said Tom Lanza, one of the judges of the competition.

While that chainsaw competition is based on art, there's another one based more on precision, where professional loggers race to saw spokes off trunks. It's just one of nine events that lead to a grand prize.

"It's a lot of fun, but there's still a lot of money up for grabs so it's competitive too," said Mike Finnerty, a professional logger.

They also knock down trees, one of the spectator favorites. But, for the loggers, this competition is more than fun and games.

"It's just being safe, that's the biggest thing. Going home at the end of the day is the most important thing. This is the second most dangerous job in the world, so you have to know what you're doing," said Finnerty.

The chainsaws are a big draw, but there's much more to see and do at Woodsmen's Field Days.

"There's so many things I'd love to get for our woodworking and all that we do," said Donna Glessing. "Of course the food is delicious too," said Donna Glessing.

"Latest in forest industry tools, technology, equipment, all kind of of forestry seminars, health screenings. Lots to see in Boonville," said Phyllis White, executive director of Woodsmen's Field Days.

They're expecting over 40,000 people over the weekend, rain or shine. You can find a full list of events here:

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